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Apple, Bacon, Gouda Grilled Cheese

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Apple, bacon, and gouda....oh my.

You know that feeling where you just want a fresh, high end deli creation, but don't feel like leaving the house to go get one? Got your solution right here. The perfect combination of salty, sweet and smokey. This apple, bacon, Gouda grilled cheese with chicken and tomato, will take your sandwich game to the next level.

In a fry pan or like we did in a cast iron, you can't go wrong with this smokin' take on a grilled cheese.


• Your favorite sliced bread. We love a fresh Vienna bread from our local bakery

• Honeycrisp Apples

• Applewood smoked Gouda

• Bacon, pre cooked

• Grilled chicken, sliced thin

• Fresh tomato slices

• Mayo

Build, grill and #enjoy!

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